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Questions and KRS One.

I saw this in a bulletin one of my friend's posted on I thought it was interested, and true. Well, besides the " Journalists need to get smacked in their face" statement. I wanted to share it with you all.


Questions And Answers

Everything you learn, in law school
can be taught when you're six years old
but they make you wait, and wait and wait and wait and wait
and of course, the information has been SOLD
but what if you can't afford to pay?
You walk around ignorant all day...

The "pimp" don't care, it's your decision
kick up that money ho!
OH, I mean tuition...

They be dissin
the ass, you be kissin
sitting in the room, with a liar
and you must listen

Question... who are you dissin?
Answer... the concept that turns a rapper
into a dancer

Question... Are you REALLY all that fresh?
Answer... Yes.. Yes... Yes...

Or "si" to the people speaking spanish
You better make use of KRS, before he vanish....

But all these magazines will vanish before you will
they better start printing the real hip-hop from BDP

But check it out, Will
They ain't interested in no REAL Hip-Hop
They ain't interested in graffiti art, breakdancing
and real rap music
They just wanna know where the money is...

why why why...

yo I think that some of these journalists need to start
getting punched in they face...

I got a big fist....

- KRS One (Questions & Answers)

- Mecca17
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